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1.3.3 Advanced Devices

Advanced cells architectures include TOPCon, Passivated Contact IBC, metal compound selective contact solar cells, bifacial solar cells, tandem solar cells.


• Develop innovative device designs that exploit unique properties of novel materials and fabrication technologies for application in tandem and other advanced cell technologies.

• Improve the TOPCon device design and fabrication processes to optimise the cost-benefit.

• Advance patterning and surface technologies in Passivated Contact IBC, towards a prototype device including masked deposition technologies, inter-band tunnel contact technologies, and advanced patterning of doped polysilicon layers, with the potential for a high efficiency, highly simplified fabrication process.

• Explore the use of metal compound selective contacts in high efficiency silicon cells with a particular emphasis on reducing parasitic absorption and enabling a simplified cell fabrication procedure.

• Address challenges for bifacial cells of (a) High bulk lifetime needed to achieve high rear efficiencies, (b) surface passivation on both surfaces (n+ and p+) and (c) effective light collection on the rear surface with minimal shading losses.

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