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Capacity Building (PP6.5)

PP6.5: Capacity Building

ACAP will invest in capacity building to train engineers, scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs needed to deliver the energy transition.

6.5.1 Scholarships, Fellowships and Collaboration Grants

ACAP will continue to fulfil its research training and development goals by facilitating the development of the next generation of leading researchers through funding of scholarships and competitive research fellowships offered for research projects based at the nodes. ACAP will also continue to offer financial support to competitively selected small collaboration grants, with the grantees working with industry and other research institutions.

6.5.2 Researcher Exchanges

The national and international reputation of ACAP and of its host institutions will continue to attract the cream of the global photovoltaics research community to collaborate and both inward, outward and virtual extended visits and collaborations will be encouraged, with resulting joint publications.

6.5.3 PV Engineering Education

ACAP will continue to promote the high-quality education of PV engineers through support for:

  • Course development at the host institutions

  • Short courses and open education support 

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