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Current and Emerging Applications of PV (PP6.2)

PP6.2: Current and Emerging Applications of PV




Research in this program focusses on the delivery of ultra-low-cost solar PV, bringing together silicon solar cell and emerging materials expertise to develop tandem technologies needed for 30% efficiency cell and module technologies.

Ultra-low-cost PV technologies are needed to deliver the low-cost of energy that will enable competitive low-emissions metals, and open up energy exports and the hydrogen economy. Ultra-low-cost PV will be achieved through mass deployment at utility scale, or in large volume rooftop deployment and the primary focus of ACAP research will be on solar PV developments for large scale deployment for ultra-low cost.

While recognising these key drivers, the materials and solar technologies developed will have additional attributes of high power to weight ratio, flexibility, aesthetics and bifaciality that can deliver high value, niche applications.

PP 6.2.1 Ground Mount PV

PP 6.2.2 Rooftop PV

PP 6.2.3 Agricultural PV

PP 6.2.4 Emerging Applications

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