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Advanced Outdoor Testing (PP4.5)

PP4.5: Advanced Outdoor Testing

Investigators: Dr Chris Fell, Dr Benjamin Duck

CSIRO has a world-class outdoor I-V testing facility which can measure both research-scale PV devices and commercial PV modules. 60 module and 20+ small-device I-V test beds at 30° fixed tilt are co-located with a high-end, Baseline Surface Radiation Network qualified, solar ground station measuring all important properties of sunlight (including spectrum), along with device temperature and I-V at programmable intervals.


The facility has performed more than a dozen commercial engagements and several research papers have been published based on its results. Examples include understanding the financial impacts of module cooling under different solar conditions and the role of solar spectrum on PV energy yield.


PV device degradation can be studied in detail and performance and energy yield can be inferred at any desired conditions by big data regression of many IV curves to determine the fundamental characteristics of the module/device. The facility is supported by a calibrated indoor module testing laboratory on site, which is important for some projects where linking outdoor measurements to laboratory measurements at Standard Test Conditions is desirable.

The facility will be used to support ACAP projects in the areas of module cooling, holistic device-to-module modelling, non-contact fault analysis, perovskite-silicon tandem device development and module encapsulation studies.

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