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Silicon Solar Cells (PP1)

PP1: Silicon Solar Cells 

Bram Hoex and Dan Macdonald

Silicon solar cell technologies dominate the current solar PV market and continue to improve in both high performance and low-cost to consumers.


Ultra-low-cost solar PV will be achieved from ongoing research, development and deployment in silicon and tandem solar cell technologies.


ACAP's Silicon Solar Cells Program Package supports fundamental and applied research that will deliver better, cheaper, and more efficient silicon solar cells.


The focus is on areas of improved silicon material, contacts, surfaces and interfaces, high-efficiency devices architectures, performance stability, improved characterisation tools, and silicon-based tandem structures targeting 10c/W module and 30c/W system costs.

Explore the research being undertaken in this stream: 

PP1.1 Silicon Materials

PP1.2 Silicon Surfaces and Interfaces

PP1.3 Silicon Advanced Devices and Fabrication Technologies

PP1.4 Characterisation and Modelling Techniques

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