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Device to Module (PP4)

PP4: Device to Module 

Marco Ernst, Anthony Chesman, Benjamin Duck

The Device to Module Program Package focusses on the opportunity to increase performance and reduce cost by optimising the device metallisation, interconnection and module fabrication within a more holistic solar module production framework.


Device-to-Module research can deliver benefits at the cell-design level, leading to the reduced use of materials such as silver, enabling large wafers and module sizes, new cell interconnection technologies, light trapping and manufacturing process efficiencies.


The learning gained from the growing maturity of the silicon PV industry can be applied to facilitate a faster transition of new, emerging materials and devices from research phase to pilot scale production, with relevance to tandem devices.

Explore the research programs being undertaken in this area:  

PP4.1 Device Metallisation

PP4.2 Holistic Device-to-Module Modelling

PP4.3 Module Durability

PP4.4 New Module Materials

PP4.5 Advanced Outdoor Testing

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