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Emerging Materials (PP2)

PP2: Emerging Materials 

Jacek Jaseniek, Xiaojing Hao, Anita Ho-Baillie, Anthony Chesman, Paul Shaw, David Jones, Heping Shen

This set of research topics focusses on emerging materials and their applications in tandem cell technologies, as well as in applications that will see PV dominate new energy generation over the next decade.


Emerging materials can be prepared from earth-abundant and low toxicity feedstocks, require low embedded energy manufacturing, and form the potential for local manufacturing capability. 


ACAP has world-leading research capabilities across several key emerging photovoltaic classes including metal chalcogenides, perovskites, and organic photovoltaics. ACAP activities in this Program Package will realize these prospective advantages through a focus on emerging materials, processing, defect and device engineering, stability, and scalable manufacturing.

Explore the research programs being undertaken in this area:  

PP2.1 Photovoltaic Materials Discovery

PP2.2 Organic Photovoltaics

PP2.3 Perovskites

PP2.4 Metal Chalcogenides

PP2.5 Characterisation, Spectroscopy, Imaging and Modelling

PP2.6 Manufacturing and Translation

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