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PV Futures and Knowledge Sharing (PP6)

PP6: PV Futures and Knowledge Sharing

Richard Corkish, Andrew Blakers

This Program Package includes technology perspectives, commercialisation activities, knowledge sharing and capacity building. ACAP will build on past success in knowledge sharing and communications and extend this to increase engagement, to raise the profile of research outcomes, to participate in the public conversation and to support the development and deployment of ultra-low-cost PV. 

The knowledge sharing program will be extended to include technology road mapping and PV futures. ACAP will monitor, model and report on global developments in PV devices, processes, and applications, delivered through a series of authoritative reports with an over-the-horizon view of the future PV industry, facilitating informed decisions.


UNSW – Renate Egan, Nathan Chang, Ziv Hameiri, Richard Corkish

ANU – Andrew Blakers, Kylie Catchpole

CSIRO – Anthony Chesman, Regine Chantler, Monash – Jacek Jaseniek

UQ – Paul Burn and Paul Shaw, UoM – David Jones

Explore the research programs being undertaken in this area:  

PP6.1 PV Futures

PP6.2 Current and Emerging Applications of PV

PP6.3 Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation

PP6.4 Knowledge Sharing

PP6.5 Capacity Building


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