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Tandem Solar Cells (PP3)

PP3: Tandem Solar Cells 

Anita Ho-Baillie, Xiaojing Hao, Greg Wilson, Klaus Weber

Tandem cell technologies offer demonstrated prospects of delivering a step change in cell and module efficiency to 30% and beyond. Work in Program Package 3 will focus on bringing together the silicon cell and emerging materials programs in tandem solar cells. The activities will take concepts beyond the research scale, to address the known challenges of combining stable, low-cost, non-toxic and abundant materials in a manufacturable, durable, high efficiency tandem structure. The program targets a commercial tandem cell technology delivering 30% efficiency by 2030.

Explore the research programs being undertaken in this area: 

PP3.1 Perovskite Tandems

PP3.2 III–V on Silicon Tandems

PP3.3 Chalcogenide on Silicon Tandems

PP3.4 Tuned Bottom Silicon Devices

PP3.5 Characterisation

PP3.6 Laboratory Cell and Module Performance Testing

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