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Characterisation (PP3.5)

PP3.5: Characterisation

Investigators: Dr Ziv Hamieri, Prof Thorsten Trupke (UNSW), Lachlan Black (ANU), Hieu Nguyen (ANU)(, Daniel MacDonald (ANU) 



This work package aims to support technology development into tandem cell technologies through measurement, models and analytical techniques.




Tandem cell technologies present unique challenges in assessing the impact of interfaces, contacts, individual and combined cell performance, losses, standard measurements and field performance.



Building on the characterisation expertise developed and applied in the silicon solar cell and emerging materials programs, the ACAP team will focus on developing methods and analysis to support the development and validation of tandem cell technologies within the ACAP program.




This research will allow the separation of the effects of the individual cell technologies and their interaction in a tandem structure, taking into account cell materials, design, interface and contact technologies. We will investigate correlations with efficiency enhancement and losses with a view to optimising performance and engineering new processes and materials.

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