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Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation (PP6.3)

PP6.3: Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation

Industry looks to universities and research institutes for over-the-horizon technology: With significant competitive pressures and rapid evolution of business models, industry is focussed on near-term delivery and looks to research institutions for deeper analysis, of current and emerging technologies and innovation in materials, processes, and equipment.

Industry looks to ACAP to deliver low-to-mid technology readiness level research, where the commercial readiness level is low due to the risks and the emerging nature of these technologies.


Project activities aligned with more advanced technology readiness levels are typically developed in partnership with industry who contribute cash, in-kind and strategic support, but seek either exclusivity or an ownership position of intellectual property outcomes.

ACAP has managed to navigate the cost and public benefit through partner-licencing and by avoiding exclusivity.

To remain internationally competitive, low technology readiness level research relies on support from Government funding. However, the increasing competitiveness of solar PV creates a growing platform for industry engagement, collaboration, and technology transfer pathways to motivate, direct and commercialise research activities and outcomes.

The ACAP program has evolved with the development of PV technologies and markets to expand its partnership program to:

  • all include international partners, beyond the initial US partnership

  • to extend the research program through collaboration to other Australian research institutions

  • to include partners downstream in performance and deployment including leading Australian innovators.


Working with industry partners, collaborators, stakeholders and the energy eco-system ACAP will seek to grow partnerships, to guide research, to develop industry pathways and commercialisation opportunities.

ACAP will develop its Commercialisation Plan that will see the research program grow and develop through industry partners and commercialisation.

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