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PP3.6 Laboratory Cell and Module Performance Testing

PP3.6: Laboratory Cell and Module Performance Testing

Investigators: Dr Chris Fell, Dr Benjamin Duck (CSIRO Energy)

Since 2015 CSIRO has operated the only IEC 17025 accredited PV cell measurement laboratory in the southern hemisphere and has provided dozens of independent measurements on research solar cells, including certifying two Australian results for the world record efficiency tables.

In recent years the growth of perovskite and tandem cell research has necessitated certified labs around the world to develop the capability to handle these devices. With ARENA’s support, CSIRO has developed a strong capability in measuring perovskite solar cells and a new capability in tandem solar cells; these are both challenging devices to measure, and expensive to cater for (at high accuracy) if the capability is duplicated. Having the CSIRO lab has provided ARENA PV projects with validation of research milestones and helped ensure grant funds are appropriately directed.

Recently, greater potential is being seen for the future of tandem PV, particularly perovskite-silicon tandem cells and modules. These devices are particularly difficult to measure due to being multi-junction, metastable and (typically) bifacial. CSIRO has recently developed a novel approach to measuring these devices, with the aid of a new solar simulator design that produces the best spectral match ever reported. With this Australian prototype, the new approach could revolutionise the measurement of perovskite-silicon tandem cells.


Figure 3.9. CSIRO LED simulator solar spectrum best matched to AM1.5G reference

This activity would further develop CSIRO’s prototype solar simulator along with the novel measurement approach, while also maintaining a centralised independent measurement laboratory accessible by all Australian PV research groups.




This research will allow the separation of the effects of the individual cell technologies and their interaction in a tandem structure, taking into account cell materials, design, interface and contact technologies. We will investigate correlations with efficiency enhancement and losses with a view to optimising performance and engineering new processes and materials.

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