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4.1.2 Metallisation of Passivated Contact Cells

Investigators: A/Prof. Brett Hallam

Partners: Trina Solar, SunDrive Solar

• Focus on low silver and silver-free metallisation solutions for passivated contact cells.

• Conduct fundamental studies into copper penetration through various passivating contact layers (e.g., polysilicon and a range of transparent conducting oxides), as well as the development of patterning processes in collaboration with 4.2.1. Objectives

• Develop metallisation processes for passivated contact cells with < 50 mg silver per M6 cell (or equivalent) by 2030.

• Investigate the possibility of copper diffusion through passivating contact layers.

• Demonstrate silver-free or low silver passivated contact metallised cells with an efficiency exceeding 25% by 2030.

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