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4.3.2 Morphological Analysis


Dr Pei-Chieh Hsiao


• Initiate physics of failure research using module microscopic and elemental analysis to further the understanding of bonding that occurs between cell metallisation and low melting temperature solders during lamination.

• Initiate corrosion faults investigations (occurring within modules or associated with their frames) to assist industry partners who are deploying PV modules in extreme Australian environments.


• Develop stress models for both module and module assemblies which can simulate real Australian environmental conditions (e.g., high temperatures, module vibration from trackers)

• Provide physics of failure analysis to support module testing at the Solar Industrial Research Facility (service for Australian PV companies)

• Establish collaborations with physical scientists to further understand potential module degradation modes which are relevant to Australian conditions (e.g., corrosion, delamination).

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