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2.3.1 High Efficiency Hybrid and Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells

  •     Improve CsPbIXBr3-X film quality with minimum defects with carrier lifetimes towards 10µs, enabling thick absorbers for high optical absorption without jeopardizing voltage output.

  •     Develop best transport layer and interlayer designs producing positive band-offsets for carrier transports and reduced surface recombination velocities (towards 103 cm/s) thereby improving fill factors and output voltages.

  •      Aim to improve cell performance reaching 80% of their theoretical limits. This translates to 21.7%, 19.0% and 16.6%, respectively for CsPbI3 (1.72eV), CsPbI2Br (1.90eV), and CsPbIBr2 (2.05eV) under ACAP-2.


         Target long term outcomes of single junction perovskite cells with ERE approaching 100%. For cells with bandgaps close to the ideal, i.e., <1.6eV, the power conversion efficiency is expected to reach or exceed 27%.

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