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Perovskite Tandems (PP3.1)

PP3.1: Perovskite Tandems

Investigators: Anita Ho-Baillie, Udo Bach, Kylie Catchpole, Nathan Chang, Klaus Weber, Thomas White, Greg Wilson


                 The aim of this work package is to develop perovskite tandems with either silicon or alternate material bottom cells that will achieve >30% efficiency, and to develop manufacturable approaches to deliver these high efficiency tandem technologies. Cell durability has improved to maintain 96% of peak efficiency after 530 hours in wetting conditions and 94% after 2,200 hours in the air. Cells also maintained 93% of peak efficiency after ~2000 hours under one sun open-circuit conditions and 90% after 1000 hours at the maximum power point, respectively. Moreover, >24% efficient single junction and >19% inverted perovskite solar cells were achieved, and 27% efficiency mechanically stacked perovskite/Si tandems. Ongoing work targets the fabrication of encapsulated perovskite cells that achieved efficiencies of over 25% and maintain 20% efficiency at 85% relative humidity, 85 °C, and continuous 1 sun illumination.

PP3.1.1 High Efficiency Stable Wide and Narrow Bandgap Perovskite Cells

PP3.1.2 Demonstrations of Stable Ultra-High Efficiency Perovskite Tandems

PP3.1.3 Advanced Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Design Using Low-Cost Approaches


PP3.1.4 Techno-Economic Analyses

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