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ACAP's Published Reports, 2013-present

ACAP's global leadership of the solar and renewable energy sector is evident through our years of proven, record-breaking research, award-winning personnel, and our proud history of collaboration across institutions and with our many industry partners around the world. Our work is made possible through visionary government investment in our technology development from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, and thanks to continued support from our commercial and other partners.

Our Annual Reports offer fine-grained, detailed records and analysis of our work and its impact on the Australian solar industry. Please find each years' report to download in full below. You can also find our Public Dissemination Reports included on this page.

For any media enquires, or to connect with any of our experts and researchers, please send us an email and we'll get back to you promptly. For industry partnership opportunities, please email us here.

Annual Reports

Public Dissemination Reports


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