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New Module Materials (PP4.4)

PP4.4: New Module Materials

Investigator: Prof. Martin Green, A/Prof. Ned Ekins-Daukes, Dr Jessica Yajie Jiang

This stream will explore the potential of new materials especially designed for Australian conditions and a future where border taxes are employed to reduce global emissions. It is anticipated that this stream will include several different activities that aim to address particular technological challenges. Some of these activities are described below, however new activities are also anticipated during the duration of ACAP. 




• Further explore multi-layer anti-reflection (AR) coatings that can reduce the operating temperatures of modules in the field by selectively radiating spectral components not able to be absorbed by the solar cells.

• Further explore opportunities to integrate AR coatings and thermally emissive backsheet materials with macroscopic glass texturing for reduced cost.

• Investigate use of electrically insulating, thermally conductive layers integrated into the module encapsulation, and/or backsheet materials to increase heat loss through module frame and support structure

PP4.4.1 Low Embodied Energy Module Material

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