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ACAP ANU reaches 30% solar cell efficiency target

ACAP team at ANU have achieved a solar cell efficiency of 30.3 per cent

In an exciting development in the mission to bring the cost of Australian solar modules down to 30 cents a watt by 2030, while improving solar efficiency to 30 per cent, ACAP's ANU researchers have made that critical breakthrough in producing a tandem solar cell efficiency of 30.3% for the first time -- using perovskites in its second layer.

The ARENA-backed research, led by Dr The Duong, improved both the efficiency, and the stability of the cell -- both of which are key components of more powerful and cheaper solar cell technologies.

Dr The Duong explains how this new record is an important step towards the commericalisation of these kinds of cells, "There has been great progress being made in terms of commercialising the technology. We are confident that the challenges will be overcome in a couple of years."


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