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ACAP Researcher Xiaojing Hao Wins Australian Academy of Science 2021 Pawsey Medal

ACAP researcher and UNSW Scientia Associate Professor, Xiaojing Hao, has added another prestigious award to her collection of recognitions for her work in photovoltaics, receiving the Pawsey Medal from the Australian Academy of Science.

The Pawsey Medal is awarded to early career academics in recognition of outstanding research in the field of physics, and was previously won by ACAP’s director, Martin Green, in 1981.

The academy judges allocate prizes to Australian scientists whose “work is changing the world,” with Professor Hao’s research in creating cheap, flexible, stable and non-toxic solar cells here at ACAP at UNSW making her the 2021 recipient. The Pawsley Medal is in addition to her previous receipt of the 2020 PM’s Award for Physical Scientist of the Year.

Professor Hao said that it was an enormous honour to join other UNSW alumni of the prize, which include Michelle Simmons’ work on semiconductor physics and John Storey’s work in astrophysics and optics, in addition to Martin Green’s recognition for his earlier work in solar PV. Professors Hao and Green continue to collaborate at ACAP on researching new materials for solar cells.

“I feel like now I’m a real physicist!” Professor Hao said, while also noting that the award was further inspiration for her to continue to push the field of thin-film solar cell materials forward.

[Read more about Professor Hao's Pawsey Medal at the UNSW Newsroom.]


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