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ACAP's award highlights from the 2022 Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference

The Australian PV Institute was pleased to host the recent 2022 Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference in Newcastle, New South Wales. For ACAP, it was a terrific opportunity to connect with our fellow research peers and industry partners, especially after the recent years of the pandemic; to be able to network and collaborate in person was a great reminder of the vibrancy of the Australian solar research community.

ACAP was thrilled recognise several researchers, each awarded prizes throughout the conference in recognition of their work in 2022:

ANU's Jiali Wang received the ACAP Award for best oral presentation for her talk, Inkjet printing for boron-doped polycrystalline silicon passivating contacts.

ANU's Jiali Wang

CSIRO's Luke Sutherland received the ACAP Award for best poster APSRC 2022, R2R Perovskite Solar Cells With Solvent-free Printed Electrodes.

CSIRO's Luke Sutherland

UNSW's Ning Song won the Energy Advances Award for Outstanding Poster in PV Device Research for her work, Multifunctional multilayer antireflection coatings for solar module glass.

UNSW's Ning Song

Grace Dansoa Tabi received the Monica Oliphant Prize for best female student poster, Simulation of nanohole point contacts for perovskite solar cells with insulating passivation layers

ANU's Grace Dansoa Tabi


Congratulations to all on their awards, and thank you again to all our conference attendees, we look forward to seeing you again in 2023!


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