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ANU Brings Five-Part Advanced Device Characterisation Cluster to ACAP

ACAP's ANU team have installed a suite of complementary multi-modal, multi-scale device characterisation tools to support next-generation PV device development across the entire ACAP technology portfolio.

The cluster of tools will ensure maximum versatility for studying a range of single junction and tandem/multi-junction devices, including perovskites and earth-abundant materials, silicon and III-V materials, with a machinery set consisting of:

-- Quantum efficiency measurement system

-- Laser beam induced current (LBIC) system

-- Lock-in-thermography system

-- Photoluminescence Quantum Yield (PLQY) imaging module for an existing hyper-spectral microscope

-- Ultrahigh power, multi-wavelength LED light source

The specifications of the system were carefully chosen to allow accurate quantum-efficiency measurements of silicon, III-V, perovskite and multi-junction solar cells over small and large areas.

For all enquires, please contact Dr Hieu Nguyen, ANU:


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