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It's been a huge year for ACAP, here's just a few of our highlights

2023 has been a big year in Australia renewables and solar, and an even bigger year for us here at ACAP. We'd love to share some of those achievements with you, to help share the good news that continues to build around our industry.

In major funding, ACAP's solar research was successfully extended to 2030 in a $120 million dollar program of work, including $45 million from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. This recommitment to funding ACAP's work shows how much confidence the federal government has in its 30/30/30 ultra-low cost solar roadmap, and the research at ACAP will play a critical role in meeting that target. This success is a direct result of the research the centre continues to produce from its dozens of active projects, driven by its exceptionally experienced team of leaders.

And Martin Green was profiled on the cover of the Good Weekend, topping off a year in which he received the QE Prize for Engineering for his work on the PERC solar cell, with Professor Andrew Blakers, Dr Aihua Wang & Dr Jianhua Zhao.

ACAP's most recent annual report details all the work and publications from our many talented researchers, and we invite potential industry partners, future research collaborators and interested journalists to download the full reports here, and to contact us with any queries.

We'll share more with you shortly about our plans for 2023 and beyond.


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