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Yoann Buratti and Di Kang win IEEE PVSC 2021 Student of the Year Award

Congratulations to ACAP's Yoann Burrati at SPREE, UNSW, and Di Kang at ANU who have won the IEEE PVSC 2021 student of the year award for presentations on applying deep-learning techniques to analysing luminescence images of solar cells in research that aims to eliminate defects caused to solar panels by exposure to the elements, and firing stability of polysilicon passivating contacts: the role of hydrogen, which addresses the retention of the quality of the electrical contacts to cells through the manufacturing process:

Download PDF • 284KB

A high commendation also to UNSW's Germain Rey for presenting his group's paper on outdoor PL imagine of solar cells, which was judged a top three oral presentation of its group:

Download PDF • 524KB

Yoann undertakes his work within the advanced characterisation defects group at UNSW, which has produced the winner of this award four out of the last five years. You can watch his full, award-winning presentation below:


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