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Sustainable Manufacturing (PP5.1)

PP5.1: Sustainable Manufacturing

Investigators: Brett Hallam (UNSW), Anthony Chesman (CSIRO), Andrew Blakers (ANU)

This work package targets identifying material requirements for Terawatt scale PV deployment and critical material issues/bottlenecks that must be addressed.


From this, technology roadmaps towards sustainable TW scale PV manufacturing will be developed for existing and emerging solar cell technologies.


The work package will then focus on addressing critical material issues to improve the sustainability of manufacturing capacity, while ensuring low-cost. This will include modified cell structures, metallisation schemes and interconnection methods to reduce the reliance on critical materials, and also target designs to improve recyclability. 

PP5.1.1 Critical Material Challenges 

PP5.1.2  Modified Cell and Module Designs

PP5.1.3 Design for Recycling and End-of-Life

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