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2020 ACAP Annual Report & Highlights

In an unprecedentedly challenging year for the world, ACAP was proud to be able to continue our world-leading photovoltaic research activities, even in the face of the many logistical challenges of the COVID pandemic.

Our researchers at ANU, Monash University, the University of Melbourne, the University of Queensland, the CSIRO and at the University of New South Wales collaborated on award-winning and pioneering new developments in solar cell materials, efficiencies, increased lifespan and application potential, as well as investigating critical emerging opportunities in panel recycling, and producing wide-ranging data analysis of consumer energy usage that will lead to informed policy implementation in the rapidly accelerating switch to a renewables-lead energy mix.

All of this work was made possible thanks to the generous funding of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, and from our commercial industry partners.

Highlights from the report are now available:

ACAP 2020 highlights
Download PDF • 1.32MB

The full report is available here:

ACAP Annual Report 2020 - FINAL
Download PDF • 8.01MB

With an appendix also available:

ACAP Annual Report 2020 - Appendix-FINAL
Download PDF • 18.82MB

All our previous years' reports are also available for download.

For all media enquiries, and to speak with any of our researchers about their area of work, please direct your email here and we will connect you with the expert of your choice. We'd love to speak with you about Australia's global lead in the adoption of solar and renewable energy technologies.


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