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Climate chamber with integrated solar simulator and in situ current-voltage measurements at UNSW

ACAP is pleased to announce that the Solar Industrial Research Facility (SIRF) at UNSW has reached a significant milestone with the installation of an innovative climate chamber.

This project, integral to enhancing Australia's capabilities in identifying failure modes in both existing and emerging photovoltaic technologies, focuses on the vital role of stability and reliability in reducing the levelised cost of electricity.

The Climate Chamber, equipped with an in situ steady-state solar simulator, is designed to provide instant feedback on photovoltaic module performance, enabling simultaneous testing of multiple failure modes.

Capable of accommodating both single-cell samples and commercial 60 and 72-cell modules, this facility offers unprecedented testing flexibility under various conditions, including a wide temperature range from -40oC to 130oC with relative humidity levels up to 100%.

For any enquiries please contact Bram Hoex:


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